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The White House is Telling Stories

In an email sent out today by Nancy-Ann DeParles, the White House is promoting a new website, 50 States/50 Stories.

In medicine, we refer to such instances as “case reports” which may be interesting  and informative, are also likely to be misleading and result in improper generalizations. That’s why large, randomized, double-blinded studies are the gold standard for getting at the truth of things….not isolated stories.

For a look at how economists approach such matters, read more here.


Patients, Doctors and the Cost of Medical Care

Preserving the independence of the patient-physician dyad is the key not only to quality medial care,  it is also the key ingredient to solving the problem of rising health care costs.

Read more here: “The Real Reason Medical Costs are Rising” (and some ideas on what to do about it.)

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