Black Ribbon Project

for health care freedom and the doctor-patient relationship


All donors will receive a pin to express our gratitude and to help us spread awareness.

If you would like to donate, please include your pin request as well as your address along with your PayPal donation, or email with the same information. Pins will be mailed as soon as possible after receiving your donation and pin request.

Suggested minimum donations:

$5  –  1 pin

$10 –  up to 3 pins

$20 – up to 8 pins

Bulk orders: If you would like to obtain a larger number of pins for bulk distribution, email Arrangements will be made individually.

For information on bumper stickers, see here.

For information on sticky notes, see here.


  Hannah Krening wrote @

I appreciate the work you are doing!

  Jeff Starkman, MD wrote @

Sounds good………but the cadeusus is the symbol of war and piece….not medicine! It is the Aesclaepius with its similar appearance that symbolizes medicine.
You need to redesign the pin.

  Holly Ritter, MA; CMHC wrote @

You mean War and “Peace”? Dear Dr. Starkman, I any many others now feel we are are War, for the President and the Scotus has declared just that on us.

  Beth wrote @

Dr. Starkman–
If I had been able to locate inexpensive Aesclaepius pins, I would have used them instead. The history behind the two symbols is not widely known, and I think I am making the meaning behind my ribbon clear. (I believe the caduceus is actually Mercury’s symbol for commerce and negotiation–which isn’t too bad of a meaning.)
My purpose is to promote health care freedom–not try and correct the mistaken medical symbolism.
Thanks for the comment—and if you know of a place to get Aesclaepius pins, I’d love to learn of it.

  Ruth wrote @

Dr. Starkman: Are you trying to impress everyone with your brilliance? As long as you have chosen to go back to the ancient Greeks, I would like to inform you that the original healers were women (Olde English-crones) who practiced Black Magic (Wicca) and purported to employ the use of snakes for some of their potions, therefore when the medical profession became more reputable, the snake was used for the cadeuces. It is a fitting symbol.

  Terry Ingalsbe wrote @

you are making the wrong assumption that early healers all practiced “Black Magic” or wiccan forms of healing. While some healers may have entered into the world of “black arts”, the traditional use of herbs, animal parts, potions (including cob webs to help wounds to clot), music, energy healing or prayers does not automatically equate to “black magic” or Wicca.

  Terry Ingalsbe wrote @

Kudos to the Black Ribbon Project! Thank you for your dedication and determination to overturn ‘obamacare’. You have an impressive site here!

  Albert Sikelius wrote @

Those comments above are the Smarts comments. To miss the main point they will see any little imperfection.

  Beth wrote @

Thank you Terry. Spread the word!

  Rep. Lora Hubbel wrote @

I love the Caduceus pin…its part Chiropractic Caduceus and part Medical..both are getting screwed in ObamaCare…wife of Chiropractor and SD State Legislator, District 11, Lora Hubbel

  Al wrote @

OMG please dont tie this great and meaning project in with chiros, they cause more harm by increasing health care spending with unproven treatments and shady billings of state/federal programs.

  Beth wrote @

Healthcare freedom means freedom of choice. With freedom of choice comes disagreement with other people’s choices. Individuals spending their own money is not the cause of run-away healthcare spending. It is the fact that so many of the dollars spent are “other people’s money” and the cost-inflating mandates via laws and regulations. If we can get back to the place where people are only spending their own money, or money donated to them voluntarily, then it will be no one else’s business how that money is spent.

  Adam I. Harris, M.D. wrote @

The symbol chosen here is the most popular in the USA today, it is the Caduceus representing Air Force medicine. The original was one snake climbing a single wooden shaft. You’ll find it in books, but rarely in stores.

So more power to you for the project. I’ve not yet decided how many I’ll order.

AI Harris.

  Beth Haynes, MD wrote @

Thank you Dr. Harris.

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