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Why You CAN’T Keep Your Current Coverage

Today’s post is an email from Chris Jacobs, Health Policy Analyst of the Republican Policy Committee.

The Wall Street Journal has coverage today of Monday’s McKinsey study suggesting that more than half of all employers could decide to drop coverage by 2014… Credit Suisse in a Monday note to clients reiterated that employers dropping coverage is “exactly what was intended” by the law in the first place.

The last sentence is key. Moving away from private health insurance to government provided health insurance is not an unintended consequence of the law—-it is the long term goal.

Read more here.


Moral arguments on the rise in healthcare

Jared Rhoads of the Lucidicus Project has published an editorial taking a closer look at Rand Paul’s comparison of a “right” to health care with slavery.  Such strong words can be mistaken for hyperbole—until you take a closer look at the truth which underlies those words.  Any claim of a “right” to another man’s labor is to advocate that a man’s life is owned by another. To be partially enslaved is still to be enslaved.

Read the rest of Rhoads’ editorial here.

Medicare Reform: Paying for the Cake You Want to Eat

Op-ed at PJ Media by Black Ribbon Project founder and President, Beth Haynes, MD.

Entitlement Programs Make Us Poorer

A key argument in favor of the PPACA is that our economy is less competitive because of soaring health care costs. If this is true, increasing government entitlements  will not help. The paper below demonstrates that government entitlements have a negative impact on economic growth–which is the only means we have of enlarging the economic pie for everyone.

Policy Research working Paper by Jean-Pierre Chauffour, Lead Economist International Trade Dept. world Bank.

“On the Relevance of Freedom and entitlement in Development: New Empirical Evidence”  (1975-2007)  May 2011
Cross posted from D4PC June 1, 2011 Morning Rounds.

Doctors Speak to Congress on Behalf of Patient Care

Let’s hope they listen.

Read (or watch) what three physicians have to say about how the PPACA –and the myriad of regulations which it is generating– will cost us more dollars and freedom without delivering  better medical care.



The Truth About Death Panels

Dr. Richard Fogoros has a unique perky, self-deprecating but poignant style of writing.

In this post, he makes some crucial points about how there may not be a government panel of experts deciding which individual lives or dies–but that doesn’t mean the government’s decision won’t affect who lives and dies.

Why People Think Obamacare Has Death Panels

Advancing Liberty, Creating Change, Part 2

Review of Randy Barnett’s talk, “Turning Citizen’s into Subjects” on the current status of the legal challenges to the individual mandate.

Read it here.

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