Black Ribbon Project

for health care freedom and the doctor-patient relationship

Project description

The purpose of the Black Ribbon Project is to call attention to the multiple ways that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act undermines our freedom, erodes our prosperity, and interjects politics into the private and intensely personal decisions which properly belong to physicians and patients.

Ribbons are frequently used to raise awareness of a particular cause or event. We have joined a black ribbon with a caduceus pin to symbolize the harm the new laws cause to the practice of medicine.

Concern over raising health care costs and increasing numbers of uninsured led many to believe that doing something was better than doing nothing. However, because of the deleterious effects on the practice of medicine, the new laws are in fact worse than doing nothing.

By wearing the pin, you can express your concern with the new laws and stimulate informative conversations. This website will provide information and links to other resources to help you increase your own understanding of what is at stake.


  John McClain wrote @

Our political leaders used to create health policy by collaborating with doctors and patients. For good reason, they did not want money and big business to be a factor in the decision making of health professionals. Ms. Hilary Clinton’s plan from the 90’s has turned the doctor-patient relationship has been turned into a commodity for Wall Street to gamble with. We sold ourselves to the devil over the last several decades by getting into bed with Wall Street. Being passive has gotten us no where. Please recruit patients, nurses, family, friends, and neighbors by informing them about the real problems and where there money is truly going in this system. If we lose our patient’s trust by becoming employees of big business, we will never get it back.

  Beth wrote @

Keep your eyes open for an editorial in PJ Media (which should be published any day now) on the current move toward a predominance of physicians as employees.

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