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Vilifying Dr. Berwick — for the Wrong Reasons

My op-ed was published on today’s PJ Media:

If you don’t like ObamaCare, you probably really don’t like Donald Berwick, the current administrative head of Medicare and Medicaid.
You know him. He’s the one who’s “in love” with the Britain’s National Health Service, the guy who insists that we “must — must — redistribute wealth,” and tells us that, since rationing is unavoidable, we’d best do it “with our eyes open.”

But in regards to government-funded health care — including Medicare and Medicaid — Dr. Berwick is right, so it does no good to shoot the messenger.

Medicare, Medicaid, and all collectivized medical care require rationing for the simple reason that all scarce resources must be rationed.

You can read the rest here.


Independent Women’s Voice Video Contest

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PPACA no longer the law of the land

On January 31, Florida Judge Roger Vinson ruled Seton 1501 of the PPACA (the individual mandate) unconstitutional. In addition, because the individual mandate is essential to the legislation (as the Administration itself so vehemently argued)–“the Act’s health insurance reforms, including the guaranteed issue and community rating, will rise or fall together as these reforms ‘cannot be severed from the [individual mandate].’ ”

Given this ruling, the implementation of the PPACA should halt until and unless this decision is successfully repealed. The Administration, however, has chosen to ignore the Court’s ruling and thus is continuing to implement an unconstitutional law.

To best understand the intricacies of the ruling, read the opinion itself. It is plainly written, provides an excellent summary of the evolution of Commerce Clause interpretation, and clearly argues why allowing the individual mandate to stand would in effect destroy the existence of a government of limited and enumerated powers.

The ruling is only 78 pages– large type, double spaced–but if you are truly without the time to read it in its entirety, several recent article are worth your while.

The Nuts and Bolts of the ObamaCare Ruling by Randy Barnett and Eliz. Foley, WSJ

The Big Decision by Greg Scandlen on the Real Health Reform blog.


CMS Chief Actuary: PPACA will NOT hold down costs

Richard Foster, Chief Actuary, Center for Medicare and Medicaid.
1/26/11 Testimony before the House Committee on the Budget

McCLINTOCK: “True or false: The two principle promises that were made in support of Obamacare were one, that it would hold costs down. True or false?”

FOSTER: “I would say false, more so than true.”

Watch the video clip here.

On the Repeal of ObamaCare

The White House claims the PPACA will add to our freedom.
Others say that to preserve our freedom, ObamaCare must be repealed.

Which claim is right?

Read more here.

Debt Reduction and Health Care Freedom

Two for the price of one.

With the national debt rising to dangerous levels, serious cuts to government spending are paramount. President Obama’s debt commission has made some interesting recommendations–but even better are the following proposals…

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The White House is Telling Stories

In an email sent out today by Nancy-Ann DeParles, the White House is promoting a new website, 50 States/50 Stories.

In medicine, we refer to such instances as “case reports” which may be interesting  and informative, are also likely to be misleading and result in improper generalizations. That’s why large, randomized, double-blinded studies are the gold standard for getting at the truth of things….not isolated stories.

For a look at how economists approach such matters, read more here.


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