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Defending Health Care Reform in NewSpeak

Another excellent post by Dr. Richard Reese:

The Democratic tactic seems to be: Don’t challenge the facts, change the language or shift the blame…[John] Goodman says: If your health reform policy causes patients’ care to be rationed by forcing them to wait longer for care, don’t call it “rationing,” call it “universal coverage.” If your plan forces physicians to close their practices to new patients, don’t call it “rationing,” call it an “access to care” problem and blame it on the private sector. If your top-down policies create higher premiums and higher taxes, don’t call it bureaucratic bungling, call it lack of “cost-effective care” or lack of “coordinated care.”

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Why You CAN’T Keep Your Current Coverage

Today’s post is an email from Chris Jacobs, Health Policy Analyst of the Republican Policy Committee.

The Wall Street Journal has coverage today of Monday’s McKinsey study suggesting that more than half of all employers could decide to drop coverage by 2014… Credit Suisse in a Monday note to clients reiterated that employers dropping coverage is “exactly what was intended” by the law in the first place.

The last sentence is key. Moving away from private health insurance to government provided health insurance is not an unintended consequence of the law—-it is the long term goal.

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Doctors Speak to Congress on Behalf of Patient Care

Let’s hope they listen.

Read (or watch) what three physicians have to say about how the PPACA –and the myriad of regulations which it is generating– will cost us more dollars and freedom without delivering  better medical care.



Advancing Liberty, Creating Change, Part 2

Review of Randy Barnett’s talk, “Turning Citizen’s into Subjects” on the current status of the legal challenges to the individual mandate.

Read it here.

How Medicare Treats Your Doctor

Did you think that you were safe from the effects of the PPACA until 2012?

Guess again.

Dr. Doug Perendia  at The Road to Hellth relates the story of a physician’s experience with one small, rule-of-law-ignoring change enacted in the reams of detail within the new health care control law.

Read how the folks at Medicare are treating the men and women whom you are trusting with your life.

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