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Doctors Speak to Congress on Behalf of Patient Care

Let’s hope they listen.

Read (or watch) what three physicians have to say about how the PPACA –and the myriad of regulations which it is generating– will cost us more dollars and freedom without delivering  better medical care.



Advancing Liberty, Creating Change, Part 2

Review of Randy Barnett’s talk, “Turning Citizen’s into Subjects” on the current status of the legal challenges to the individual mandate.

Read it here.

How Medicare Treats Your Doctor

Did you think that you were safe from the effects of the PPACA until 2012?

Guess again.

Dr. Doug Perendia  at The Road to Hellth relates the story of a physician’s experience with one small, rule-of-law-ignoring change enacted in the reams of detail within the new health care control law.

Read how the folks at Medicare are treating the men and women whom you are trusting with your life.

Symposium for Change

Two days ago I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a symposium co-hosted by the Institute for Humane Studies and the Mercatus Center. Held on the 25th floor of the Hotel Nikko, the views were as stunning as the speakers were inspiring.

Read more here.

The Attitudes of Health Care Reformers

Dr. Richard Reece of  the Medinnovation blog nicely sums up the attitudes of those who designed the new health care law.

Here’s a few of them:

• A centralized health system reflects collectivist compassion, not repression of individual freedoms and choice.

• Statistics on average population behavior are more important than individual heuristics.

• You cannot trust doctors – their training, their experience, their intuition, their motives.

• You cannot trust patients – their knowledge, their instincts, their choices, their decisions on how to spend their own money.

. You cannot trust markets, which express citizen behavior at street level.

Read the rest here.

Resistance to ObamaCare continues to grow

[R]esistance to the one-year-old health care law is now stronger than ever. Forty-one states have introduced Health Freedom Acts in direct conflict with ObamaCare, 28 states are suing the federal government, and a handful have even rejected or sent back federal funding for the law’s implementation.

Read more here.

“Quality Bonuses”–Grease for the Squeaky Wheels

One hand giveth while the other taketh away–and both hands live in the White House.

The Obama administration is doing everything it can to sell the new health care control law and keep the populace complacent.

Read more about the latesest strategy here.

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