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The false alternative of ObamaCare or “Just let him die”

Ari Armstrong defends freedom of choice and responsibility in health care, pointing out that that other alternatives exist from “Let him die.”

Health Insurance and Personal Responsibility

Blitzer’s question presumes that the only three alternatives are overpriced insurance, letting him die, or forcing others to pay for his care. Thankfully, the real world offers us far better options…

The deeper problem, the real reason a healthy 30 year old grows tempted to forgo health insurance, is that politicians have made the costs of health care and insurance ludicrously expensive.

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Is there a moral case for ObamaCare?

The short answer is “No”.

John Goodman gives a longer answer here.                                                                                                     .

The Benevolence of Inequality

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Is There a Moral Case for ObamaCare?

“What cries out for moral justification are the mandates and regulations being forced on the other 300 million people. Why are they being forced to pay more, or allowed to pay less, than the true cost of their insurance? What moral principle can justify that?”

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The Changing Character of Medicine: Are We Headed in the Right Direction?

As our country moves from being a nation of small business owners to a nation of employees, we are losing an important avenue for understanding the benefits and benevolence of capitalism.  This trend makes it all the more important to speak up on the morality of profits, private property and voluntary exchange to counter the loss of the direct, concrete experience gained by self-employment.

Physicians are no different. As the quality and integrity of our medical care depends upon free and independent thinking, in medicine,  it’s even more directly a matter of life or death.

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Moral arguments on the rise in healthcare

Jared Rhoads of the Lucidicus Project has published an editorial taking a closer look at Rand Paul’s comparison of a “right” to health care with slavery.  Such strong words can be mistaken for hyperbole—until you take a closer look at the truth which underlies those words.  Any claim of a “right” to another man’s labor is to advocate that a man’s life is owned by another. To be partially enslaved is still to be enslaved.

Read the rest of Rhoads’ editorial here.

The Truth About Death Panels

Dr. Richard Fogoros has a unique perky, self-deprecating but poignant style of writing.

In this post, he makes some crucial points about how there may not be a government panel of experts deciding which individual lives or dies–but that doesn’t mean the government’s decision won’t affect who lives and dies.

Why People Think Obamacare Has Death Panels

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