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Defending Health Care Freedom

Dr. Beth Haynes speaks on the economic and political principles which must be defended to protect health care freedom at the 2010 annual meeting of the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons.

You can view the talk here.

Social Justice and the FDA

This is what happens when we socialize the payment of medical care: the individual is sacrificed to the purported best interest of society, all in the name of justice.

The Avastin Travesty by Thomas Bowden

The FDA’s experts take professional pride in refusing to allow such individual considerations to influence their decisions. Instead, they float among the statistical clouds, observing that Avastin delays tumor growth by only 3 to 12 weeks on average and that some patients actually get worse after taking the drug. From behind a veneer of scientific respectability supplied by charts and graphs that ignore the individual patient, these experts then ask a question to which no rational answer can be given: What is the meaning to society of one month in an individual’s life?

At this point, you may be sympathetic to these women’s plight and yet also concerned about the national economy. Won’t cancer patients spend us into bankruptcy with expensive drugs like Avastin? Well, that’s the kind of question that arises only when health care is collectivized by such programs as Medicare, Medicaid, and ObamaCare.

Collectivism requires coercion. Coercion is not compassionate.

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Debt Reduction and Health Care Freedom

Two for the price of one.

With the national debt rising to dangerous levels, serious cuts to government spending are paramount. President Obama’s debt commission has made some interesting recommendations–but even better are the following proposals…

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Political Medicine

If there is anyone out there who still doubts that government health care is politicized health care, this should wake you up. This decision is just about as cynical as it gets…

Late Friday, the FDA announced it had postponed for 90 days — and until after the Election — a decision whether to ration the later stage cancer drug Avastin based on cost.

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The ACA is Destroying Independent Medicine

Squeezed between falling payments and rising costs, the solo and small group practice of medicine is indeed endangered. More and more physicians are flocking to large group practices, frequently as employees. Maybe this is a good thing. But maybe not. However, patient demand is not the driver of this change, but rather the increasingly expensive government mandates placed upon the practice of medicine.

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Patient Autonomy Depends on Physician Autonomy

Writing in the Sept. 7, 2010 Wall Street Journal, Dr. Greenfield correctly points out that quality medical care consists of physicians applying their independent assessments to the unique circumstances of each individual patient. Without autonomy, this goal can not be achieved.

Read his concerns about current health care policy in In Defense of Physician Autonomy.

Doctors must be free to advise patients of the full range of treatment options—and patients must be free to choose.

Socialized Insurance is Socialized Medicine

“Socialized insurance necessarily leads to socialized medicine, and if the government controls well over half of the insurance sector through Medicare and Medicaid, and tightly regulates the rest, it is only inevitable that it will also seek to control how health care is bought and sold.”

— David Dranove on ObamaCare, at The Health Care Blog

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