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Administration Halts Survey of Making Doctor Visits, New York Times

NYT reporter Robert Pear follows up on the fate of the government’s plan to employ counterfeit patients in order to surreptitiously survey how physician offices respond to types of payment for their services. Not only would such a survey needlessly duplicate existing research, the methods are blatantly deceptive, operates from the presumption that physicians are not to be trusted and actively works to undermine trust between patients and their doctors. This is not the first such aggressive tactic by the current administration. Recall the White House set up to collect emails/speeches of alleged “disinformation” about their healthcare law–or Sebelius’ threats to exclude critics from participating in the new health insurance exchanges? These heavy handed tactics are not aberrations, but instead, an integral part of central planning. Unless the PPACA is repealed, such actions will continue to plague our health care system.

Read the article here.

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