Black Ribbon Project

for health care freedom and the doctor-patient relationship

Government and health insurance intrusion penalizes efficient doctors

by Jordan Grumet, MD

One physician’s experience practicing medicine, and his view of the threat government bureaucracy poses to quality medical care:

I see such change coming. Medical homes … pay for performance … bundled payments … employed physicians … the endless jargon of health care reform. And my anxiety grows. For those who practice ineffectively some of these government intrusions will undoubtedly bring them in line. But for some of us … those who have prided themselves on cost effective, efficient care … these changes will just slow us down. They will make it harder to get reimbursed at our current level. They will produce more silly administrative hoops to jump through. More useless pain. Eventually many of us will leave. ..

It makes me sad. And makes me think … the reformers … the government. … I wish they would just leave me alone.


Full article here.


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