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for health care freedom and the doctor-patient relationship

“Social Justice” and Medical Ethics

The AMA is actively working in conjunction with Association of American Medical Colleges to inculcate young physicians with the ethics of “social justice.” This new ethic directly threatens the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship by requiring a physician to consider the medical needs of the nation when advising an individual patient.

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  james gaulte wrote @

Thanks for speaking out about this general issue.It has been one of concern to me for sometime and the topic of several of my commentaries.I was preparing a very similar entry when I read your thoughts. I plan to go ahead with that even though I probably will say nothing you did not cover.I think the more voices raised, the better as,at least for now, the drum beat of social justice proponents seem to be drowning out reasoned opposition.

  Beth wrote @

Please add a link to your post so we can read your particular take on this very important issue.

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