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Britain Runs Out of Health Care, but Walmart Doesn’t Run Out of Shampoo

Isn’t it amazing that Walmart seems to have just enough shampoo, toothpaste, and shaving cream on hand? Isn’t it amazing that you can be driving in the middle of nowhere, stop at a gas station, and the Coca-Cola company has somehow managed to have a cooler full of soft drinks on hand which you can purchase for a few cents? Have you ever walked into one of these stores and been directed to a representative of a Primary Drink or Primary Shampoo Trust who determines whether you really need these products and decides how much, what brand, and even more important, when you will receive them? Have you ever been encouraged by the company not to buy their product or to only buy a very limited amount?

Read the rest at The Rational Capitalist.

Of course it’s not just Britain. We are heading there too.


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