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for health care freedom and the doctor-patient relationship

Calling All Doctors

An audiovisual invitation from one doctor to her professional colleagues to come be part of the fight for health care freedom.

Watch it here.

The false alternative of ObamaCare or “Just let him die”

Ari Armstrong defends freedom of choice and responsibility in health care, pointing out that that other alternatives exist from “Let him die.”

Health Insurance and Personal Responsibility

Blitzer’s question presumes that the only three alternatives are overpriced insurance, letting him die, or forcing others to pay for his care. Thankfully, the real world offers us far better options…

The deeper problem, the real reason a healthy 30 year old grows tempted to forgo health insurance, is that politicians have made the costs of health care and insurance ludicrously expensive.

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The Promises and Consequences of ObamaCare

Dr. Richard Reece reminds us of the 4 main promises President Obama made about how the new health care law will help Americans, and then asks, “How’s that working out for you?”

Read his blog post here.

When is rationing not rationing..

…a mandate not a mandate and price fixing not price fixing?

Find out here on the Black Ribbon Project blog..

Everything you wanted to know about healthcare reform but didn’t know who to ask

Saturday September 17th, Constitution Day, is an apt day for a conference to address healthcare reform. The Lehigh Valley Coalition for Health Care Reform has put together an informative panel of presenters to do just that.

If you are near Allentoen PA, and interested in learning more about what the current law will bring us, and what we can do to bring about real reform which will protect freedom of choice while making health care affordable and accessible, be sure to attend.

Making eye care affordable

What we can learn from Avarind and McDonald’s.

Watch this remarkable TED talk on how one man used McDonald’s as a template for providing world-class eye care to millions in India.

A Catalog of Presidential Deception

President Obama’s mother received excellent health care, and was never denied health insurance based on a pre-existing condition.

Obama’s story to the contrary was a lie just about his personal circumstances. Dr. Milton Wolf  lists a number of other lies related to the disaterous new health care law:

Dishonoring the dead with deception, as pathetic as that is, barely scratches the surface of the Obamacare falsehoods. You can keep your current doctor: Lie. You can keep your current insurance: Lie. Hearings will be made public: Lie. The deficit will be reduced: Lie. Four hundred thousand jobs will be created immediately: Lie. There are no death panels: Lie. Taxes won’t be increased on families earning less than $250,000 a year: Lie. And all of this comes before the first Obamacare waivers exempted the White House’s best friends from the rules that you must follow.

Read the rest here. 

Then support the Physician’s Prescription for Health Care Reform.

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